The Italian Cowboy Pet Foundation

The Italian Cowboy Pet Foundation

Sip wine, save pets.


Meet Reilly the rescue dog.

Reilly started his life as an abandoned stray pup on the streets of Richmond, Virginia. He eventually ended up at a kill shelter where Lowell adopted him and started a new life – a lifetime of wags, walks and adventure.

Reilly was our loyal companion and family member. He was a perfect dog who was in a shelter through no fault of his own and just sat day after day, waiting for someone to come along and love him.

Reilly in Rockport

Shelters are full of sweet Reillys waiting for forever homes. So we started the Italian Cowboy Pet Foundation to help them.

The Foundation’s mission is to rescue homeless and abused pets, raise awareness about the issue of homeless pets and their treatment, and highlight the linkages between animal cruelty and other crimes. We fund the Foundation from the sale of our private label food and wine, pet toys, and personally-crafted kitchen goods. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of every one of these products goes directly to the Foundation.

So, with each purchase, you help save a life. You can just #SipWineSavePets.

Help us save as many Reillys as we can and, if you haven’t yet found your Reilly, we hope you do soon! 🐾

Reilly sleeping