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We sell a variety of imported European and artisan domestic cheeses on a rotating basis. We also stock a range of refrigerated preserved fish. The following cheeses and fish are available for purchase the week of Dec 1 – 5.

Please note that, while we update this list at the beginning of each week, it is possible that our supply of any given cheese may sell out during the week. We apologize in advance if your selection is unavailable.

Fresh Cheeses and Butter

Truffle Burrata. Union, New Jersey. The fresh creaminess of burrata is a perfect match for the earthiness of Urbani black truffles. There’s really nothing more to say. Vegetarian.

Soft Cheeses

Four Fat Fowl St. Stephen. Stephentown, New York. A silky, decadent, triple cream bloomy-rind beauty made from Jersey Cow’s milk and fresh Jersey cream.

Nettle Meadow Kunik. Thurman, New York. An individual triple-creme brie-style cheese with a twist. Made of both cows’ and goats’ milk, it’s creamy and sweet, but with a tang and complexity added by the goats’ milk. Vegetarian. Available by the whole piece only (approximately 9-10 ounces each).

Jasper Hill Farm Harbison. Greensboro, Vermont. A soft, boomy-rind cheese wrapped in spruce bark, Harbison is delicious and creamy when young, developing a woodsy complexity and scoopability when more mature. For a memorable presentation, leave it wrapped in the bark, cut off the top rind and serve with a spoon.

Pecorino Tartufello. Tuscany, Italy. A young, earthy sheep’s milk peppered with slivers of black truffle. The springy, salty sheep’s cheese perfectly compliments the earthy truffles in this Tuscan gem, resulting in a table cheese that is deliciously exotic yet familiar.

Smoked Mozzarella. Upstate New York. The classic young, stretched cow’s milk cheese made fresh from high-quality cows’ milk in upstate New York and then lightly smoked using cedar and hickory wood. Delicious on an antipasti plate or use it to punch up your pizza or pasta salads.

Semi-Firm Cheeses

Beehive Cheese Barely Buzzed. Uintah, Utah. A four-month old vegetarian cow’s milk cheese. Made in the cheddar style and hand rubbed with finely ground espresso beans, lavender and vegetable oil. It has a rich, almost beefy taste.

Bellwether Carmody. Petaluma, California. A six week old Jersey cow’s milk cheese. Firm, golden in color, buttery and slightly tangy. Sweetens as it ages. A great snacking cheese that pairs well with a crisp white wine. Also good cubed into a pasta salad.  Vegetarian.

Central Coast Creamery Goat Gouda. Paso Robles, California. A six month old, tangy, slightly nutty, and slightly sweet goat’s milk cheese. Firm.

Central Coast Creamery Seascape. Paso Robles, California. Made from a blend of cow and goat milks, Seascape is a cheddar-style cheese with a semi-firm, smooth texture. The sweetness from the cow’s milk is balanced by the slight tang from the goat’s milk, resulting in an irresistible snacking cheese. Vegetarian.

Jasper Hill Farm Vault No. 5. Greensboro, Vermont. An intriguingly different cheddar-style cheese, Vault No. 5. is smooth and meltable, but cave-aged, which imparts a complexity to its sweetness not usually seen in such a creamy cheddar.

Pecorino Camomilla. Emilia Romagna, Italy. A two month old sheep’s milk cheese enrobed in a blanket of chamomile flowers. Springy, supple and with the unmistakable herbal floral notes of chamomile. Irresistibly different, not to mention gorgeous on a cheese plate. Try it drizzled with honey!

Weinkase Lagrein. Alto Adige, Italy. A delicious, captivating, Toma-style cow’s milk cheese. Bathed in the local Lagrein wine and a mix of garlic, pepper and spices, it develops a rich, meaty flavor and texture reminiscent of salume. Try it with – you guessed it – a glass of Lagrein.

Firm Cheeses

Cavemaster Reserve Project X. Finger Lakes, New York. This raw cow’s milk tomme takes its inspiration from the rugged mountain cheeses of Italy. The wheels are coated with fennel pollen and then bathed in Gewurztraminer from New York’s Finger Lakes. The cheese is lusciously moist, with flavors of roasted walnuts, cocoa and anise. Equally at home on a cheese board or melted in pasta, with a glass of Alpine-style white wine. Raw.

Fontina Val D’Aosta. Aosta Valley, Italy. A 6-9 month old washed-rind cow’s milk cheese. Dense, nutty, robust and aromatic. It is a wonderful melting cheese (try it in mac and cheese!) and shines on a cheese plate, especially when accompanied with dried fruits and nuts. Pair it with a Nebbiolo, Barolo or Barbaresco or a crisp white.  Unpasteurized.

Grafton Village 1-year Cheddar. Grafton, Vermont. As its name suggests, this is a one year old cheddar, but it tastes older and more mature. Salty and sharp, it’s a textbook aged cheddar.  Available by the whole piece only (8 oz. piece). Raw and vegetarian.

Grafton Village Truffle Cheddar. Grafton, Vermont. Truffle. Cheddar. In perfect balance. What more can we say? Available by the whole piece only (8 oz. piece). Raw and vegetarian.

Gruyere. Fribourg, Switzerland. A traditional, cave-aged version of the classic cheese made in the Swiss Alps since the 1200’s. Aged for a full 12 months, it develops a rich, nutty, sweet complexity that makes it compulsively snackable and one of the most versatile cheeses around. It’s equally at home on a cheese board, mixed into a frittata, on french onion soup, in a gratin (try cauliflower for a twist!), in a grilled cheese sandwich or on a cheeseburger (just to name a few options). Raw.

Jasper Hill Farm Cabot Clothbound. Greensboro, Vermont. A clothbound cheddar produced by Cabot and aged at Jasper Hill, it has everything you expect from a clothbound – creaminess, crumbliness, complexity, sharpness and a hint of chivy/oniony allium goodness. The American Cheese Society’s 2006 Best in Show.

Provolone. Lombardy, Italy. A sharp, salty, tangy cow’s milk cheese aged for 9-12 months. While it’s the classic addition to Italian-American sandwiches, it’s also perfect as a counterpoint on a cheese plate. Try it and forget everything you know about mass-produced provolone.

Hard Cheeses

Bianco Sardo. Sardinia, Italy. A sheep’s milk cheese aged 6-9 months. Earthy and dry with a hint of sweetness, it is surprisingly creamy given its age.

Fiore Sardo. Sardinia, Italy. A sheep’s milk cheese aged 8-10 months and lightly smoked. Sharp, complex and smoky. Close to the rind, the smoke gets more prominent, almost creating two cheeses in one – a smoky gem and a sharp aged pecorino.

Grana Padano. Piedmont, Italy. Made in Italy for almost 1,000 years, it is an aged cow’s milk cheese perfect for grating on pasta or including on your next cheese plate. Nutty and slightly salty, it is similar to Parmigano-Reggiano but a bit more mild. Our Grana Padano is aged over 18 months for a more concentrated flavor. Pair it with a bold red or crisp white wine.

Parmigiano Reggiano. Emilia-Romagnia, Italy. The real deal. A 24-month old Parmigiano, aged twice as long as required to be called Parmigiano Reggiano, for an added depth of flavor and nuttiness. Salty, nutty and sweet.

Pecorino Romano. Lazio, Italy. A hard sheep’s milk cheese made for almost 2,000 years. Salt, hard, tangy and sharp. Can be used for grating but also delicious on a cheese plate.

Piave Vecchio Selezione Oro. Piedmont, Italy. A 12-18 month old cow’s milk cheese. Deliciously nutty and sweet, with texture between firm and hard. A showstopper on a cheese plate. Try it if you like aged Gouda.

Blue Cheeses

Gorgonzola (Mountain). Lombardy, Italy. A 6-9 month old cow’s milk cheese. Dense, creamy and with a medium-blue-sharpness. Equally at home for baking or in sauces as on a cheese plate.


Catsmo Gold Label Smoked Salmon. Wallkill, New York. Cold-smoked over fruitwood rather than oak (applewood and cherry wood, Catsmo’s most popular smoked salmon is delicate and silky, with a gentle smoky flavor.  Kosher.

Catsmo Hot Smoked (aka “Kippered”) Salmon. Wallkill, New York. Flaky and moist with an assertive smokiness, its great on its own, alongside eggs, or for cooking in hot dishes.

Catsmo Candied Salmon. Wallkill, New York. The same as the hot-smoked salmon, but first cured in organic maple syrup. A great substitute for bacon!

Catsmo Pastrami Smoked Salmon. Wallkill, New York. Cold-smoked and cured with a proprietary mix of pastrami spices. At Russ and Daughters deli in New York, they serve is with sauerkraut, mustard and cheese on a roll!   Kosher.

Catsmo Scottish Smoked Salmon. Wallkill, New York. Cured in scotch and then, unlike most of Catsmo’s other smoked salmon, Cold-smoked using oak. Sweet & buttery. Kosher.

Catsmo Daniel Boulud Tequila Cilantro (“Baja”) Smoked Salmon. Wallkill, New York. From a recipe created by acclaimed chef Daniel Boulud using Catsmo’s Scottish smoked salmon, tequila and cilantro, this might be the perfect salmon for a South Texas brunch. Kosher.

Catsmo Vodka Dill Smoked Salmon. Wallkill, New York. Cured in Russian vodka, cold-smoked and covered with fresh dill. Kosher.

Catsmo Smoked Trout. Wallkill, New York. Delicately smoked. Moist & flaky, perfect as an appetizer or for salads (both lettuce and mayonaise- or mustard-based).


Antipasti service is currently on hold.

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